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Electric Oral Irrigator
1400 times/min high voltage pulse
80~160 psi strong water pressure
360 degree rotatable transparent nozzle
Gear memory function automatically opens the last gear
IPX7 grade waterproof
USB charging lasts about 30 days
0.6mm fine high pressure water column
Food grade material FDA safety certification

Patented special water pump
Unique structure provides strong power.
Smart Chip Technology
Precisely control the size of the water flow.
Special motor
Stronger conversion efficiency and stronger output.

Equipped with a new type of intelligent permanent magnet motor, the water pressure is as high as 140PSI, which can generate 1400 times/min of high-frequency pulse water column, which penetrates deep between teeth and blind areas of the mouth, quickly washes away food residues, and protects the gums.

Unique product structure, the friction coefficient becomes smaller, the working current decreases,
The battery of the same capacity has a longer working life than the first generation, and the life of the water pump is longer.

The 0.6mm standard nozzle diameter accurately cleans the dead corners between the teeth, deeply cleans the teeth, and effectively prevents oral problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis. Easily shuttle between the teeth, accurately clean the gaps between the teeth and the dead corners of the mouth.

Three modes of frequency conversion cleaning, simple operation, random switching of strength and weakness

In line with food-grade safety standards, select food
Product contact grade material, safe and secure, use it with confidence.

Irrigator Dental,Electric Oral Irrigator,
Whitening Teeth,Cleaning Tools,Portable Water Flosser,Mouth Washing Machine,300ml Tank.


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