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Colorlamb Portable Razor for Women

Type of the blade:

5 Layers Martensitic Stainless Steel Blade with skincare soap

Skincare device:

Skincare soap blade with aloe essence

Blade replacement period:

2 months

Producing region of the blade:


Package contains:

1 Handle + 1 piece 5 layer skin care blade+ 1 piece protective net  blade + 1 Storage box + 1 Gift Box

Keep a fine appearance every time and everywhere

It is designed to shave the hair for women in varied situations.

It can be laid in any place or put in your bags without noticing.

Elegant curve and sharp blade

Just like you, beautiful and cool.

Accompany you in all situations full of sense of ritual.

Skincare soap blade with aloe essence

The razor blade carries a circle of skincare soap,

Aloe vera freeze- dried powder, grape seed oil, jojoba oil…

thus nurturing and lubricating your skin.

 Shaving or skincare? You can have it all.

The design like a clown fish

The handle is fully wrapped with silicon and is designed like a fish tail.

Of course it is small but still makes people feel good when holding.

The blade can be vertical to shave narrow areas.

You will get its benefits once you use it.

The triangle mark on the upper handle can use to change the blade.

You can change it with only a simple pressing.

It is merely a button, fit to be exposed outside.

Yet we know that you prefer simple overall sense.

(Please place it in a safe place so as to keep it out of the reach of children.)

You also could use "Colorlamb shaving balm" before shaving can lubricate and soften the hair to a greater effect.

It can care your skin while helping to shave your hair.

One more thing

We also have couple razor set

Show to him/her

Surprises are waiting for you to be found.

Small tips for your manual shaving

Considering fully what you are concerned

Q1: Will the hair become thick after shaving?

The thickness depends on the level of hormone, and physical shaving will not exert influence on it. The razor helps to remove the growing part of the hair while the cross section of the hair root creates the illusion of becoming thick visually.

Q2: Will the hair grow longer and more after shaving?

No, the length and amount of the hair are determined by the follicle, and physical shaving won’t affect follicle.

Q3: Will the razor hurt the skin?

It won’t hurt the skin if used normally. You should shave in a light manner when shaving the joint protrusion. Don’t press hard or use it horizontally.

Q4: Is the razor easy to keep?

You can just rinse it with water after using and change the blade regularly according to the frequency of utilization and your own habit. For more details, you can consult the colorlamb service personnel.


Gmart is owned by Ghanaian Australian family based in Queensland, Australia.
All our products are shipped directly from our warehouses in Australia, USA, UK, China, Germany, Europe to our customers in Ghana so lowest prices and great return policies are always assured. Delivery usually takes 7 to 21 days.


We offer 4 equal payments on all our products. We require first payment before we ship item to the customer.
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Colorlamb Portable Women Shaving Razor Set for Leg Private Body Hair With Protective Net Blade Lady Shaver With Case
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