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PAPALOOK PA930 2K HDR Streaming Live Web Camera

With USB 2.0, for YouTube, Gaming Twitch, PC/Mac

Full HD Vertical Video

Switch to full HD 9:16 vertical video by simply turning the streaming camera

Showing a wider perspective

Perfect for Instagram and Facebook stories

2K HDR High-quality Image

2592*1944 up to 5 mega ultra-clear pixels

Provides you with a full range of bright color video quality

No loss of fine detail

Five-Layer Glass Lens

Equipped with a full HD glass lens

Shows amazing clarity and bright colors

Sensitively captures realistic images, with sophistication flowing naturally from the inside out

Full HD 1080P at 60FPS

HDR technology provides enhanced contrast between light and dark

Enjoy an Ultra-Smooth, High-Quality Streaming Experience

Enables excellent color reproduction, quite vivid and realistic

Built-in Dual Omni-directional Microphones

Captures your voice in every direction

Filter out background noise

Delivers premium video call quality

USB Webcam with Privacy Cover & Tripod

Built-in privacy protection cover slider

Effectively protects privacy

Prevent hackers from violating personal and business privacy

Dual-Camera Versatility & 360°Rotation

Built-in electronic image stabilisation reduces camera shake

Adjust the perspective multi-angle

Switchable multi-angle video

Multifunctional Non-slip Base

Makes it a freestanding camera that great for meetings and online courses

Adjustable base to satisfy any angle you want

Easy to place in the comfortable position

High-Dynamic Range Image

HDR High-Dynamic Range Image/1080P/720P

Capable of better reflecting the visual effects in video

Clearly visible facial details

Unique and Stylish Product Appearance

HDR 2K Streaming Webcam with Dual Microphones

Ultra-light weight

Enjoy video calls anytime, anywhere

What's in the box?

●If the webcam have a noise problem with microphone, pls follow the steps:
1.Turn on the sound setting, select microphone 2.0 MIC, and then set the sensitivity of sound below 50%;
2.Turn off “the automatic adjustment of microphone”settings when you talking or making a video call;
3.If these two methods still cannot be solved, please kindly download the new software via this link:
And update the version, then the problems will be solved.
●Only set to 1080P, you can switch between HDR 2K 30fps and 1080P 60fps


Q: What streaming programs work best with the papalook PA930?
A: We recommend using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or XSplit.

Q: What is HDR technology?
A: Highlight dynamic rendering, to make the details of the image fuller, the color gamut wider, and the color richer, and try to restore the most realistic scene.

Q: What is so good about the 60fps function?
A: 60 frames means 60 screens flashed in one second, 30 frames means 30 screens flashed in one second. Therefore, the motion effect presented at 60 frames is more streamlined and the picture quality is clearer.

Q: Under what circumstances does the switching mode of PA930 take effect?
A: Only in the 1080P picture quality, the 60fps and 30fps frame rate switching will take effect.

Q: Why is the webcam camera angle only 65° in 60fps mode?
A: Because our product is specially designed for live broadcasting, this model wants to solve the pain points of users during the live broadcasting process, narrow the angle of imagery as much as possible, and protect the privacy of users.

Q: Can I make the PA930 the main microphone device for my PC?
A: Yes. You can go to your sound settings in your control panel and select PA930 as the default device for audio recording. In your application, ensure that the PA930 is selected in the audio settings for microphone.

Q: Why here is a noise in microphone?
A: You can go to your sound settings in your control panel and select PA930 sensitivity to less than 50%. or use this link to loaddown new softversion to update the webcam system(only available for windows 10 system):

Q: Why Fixed Focus?
A:Because PAPALOOK believes that a fixed-focus lens brings the best facial image reproduction and color rendition, which has been mostly recognized by the photography.


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All our products are shipped directly from our warehouses in Australia, USA, UK, China, Germany, Europe to our customers in Ghana so lowest prices and great return policies are always assured. Delivery usually takes 7 to 21 days.


We offer 4 equal payments on all our products. We require first payment before we ship item to the customer.
We also offfer Buy now , pay later for government workers and regular income earners. Please have a chat with our Sales Representative any time you may need more information or send us message


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60FPS 2K Webcam PC PAPALOOK PA930 HDR Streaming Live Web Camera with Dual ANC Stereo Mic
60FPS 2K Webcam PC, PAPALOOK PA930 HDR Streaming Live Web Camera with Dual ANC Stereo Mic 90Degree Angle for OBS/SKYPE/ZOOM
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