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Product Specification
Quantity: 5/10/20pcs
Material: aluminum
Color: silver
Operating Temperature: 420°
Diameter: 2mm / 0.08″, 1.6mm/ 0.06″
Length: 500mm/19.7″
Package list:

5 * aluminum welding wire
10 * aluminum welding wire
20 * aluminum welding wire

1. Widely use– suitable for welding or surfacing welding alloy with high strength, good forgeability & good corrosion resistance.
2. Good quality material– made of aluminum material, nontoxic, odourless and durable material.
3. No solder powder needed– there is no need to use other flux powder with aluminum alloy as the welding core and coating as the salt base.
4. Application– include welding filler wire and spray and flame metalizing wire. It also  used for argon arc welding and filling material for pure aluminum, connection with aluminium bus and guide rod of electrolytic aluminium plant and electric power, chemistry, food and so on.
5. Perfect welding effect– designed with full & smooth welding effect because the item comes with internal powder, great weldability and corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, high electric conductivity and excellent processing performance.

1. Clean and polish the physical surface.
2. Heat the surface of the metal material until the temperature of wire is up to the working temperature 420 °.
3. The aluminum base metal is heated to the appropriate working temperature when repairing thin aluminum, and then use the wire  friction and to form a weld.
4. Use propane gas to weld small object and use industrial gas or induction heating device to heat and weld big one, you should cool it naturally after welding.
1. The thicker the piece, the more difficult to heat it up, so it is important to use a reasonable heat source.
2. As long as the surface temperature of the base metal reaches the operating temperature of welding wire, you can start to weld.
3.  When using Oxyacetylene welding, the neutral flame welding should be used, but please do not  burn the wire directly.
4. Applicable heat source: such as propane, oxyacetylene and so on.
5. Storage: please store in a dry and ventilated place.

1. The surface of the base metal must be clean.
2. The base metal temperature should reach to 420 degrees, including the process of welding the base metal temperature should be maintained at 420°, and the temperature can be high or low.



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33CM 1.6mm, 33CM 2.0mm, 33CM 2.5mm, 33CM 3.2mm, 50CM 2.5 mm, 50CM 1.6mm, 50CM 2mm, 50CM 3.2mm


5PCS, 10PCS, 20PCS


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5/10/20 Pcs Low Temperature Simple Welding Rods Easy Melt Aluminium Flux Cored Welding Electrodes Wire for Aluminum
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