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    PLEASE NOTE: It will be in the best interest of the applicant to provide accurate and detailed information on this form. Any suspicious or questionable information would automatically result in the application to pay by instalment rejected by Gmart.


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    Ghana Government Workers and regular income earners.

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    Please read this carefully before signing and sending your application to us. False declaration is against the law and Gmart takes this seriously. When fraud or false claims are detected, your information might be passed onto our legal teams. Please also, understand Gmart will pass your information to Collection Agents if you default on any of your payment. Gmart is not financial institution. We do not therefore have the resources to chase debt. We sell our debts to Collection Agents who would intend to force you to pay more than you would have paid to us. Legal costs by Collection Agents and any other costs would be at your own cost including court fees (if any) and any other that be associated with your credit.

    I declare that, I submit application to Gmart to enable me pay for items I am buying on Gmart.com.gh and pay later by instalments. I understand that, all information provided are true and to the best of my knowledge. I have also assessed my personal financial situation and I have the capacity to pay the credit that would be agreed on by Gmart.

    I understand that my information would be passed on to Law Enforcements and Collection Agents without delay if I fail to pay the credit back on time.

    I finally agree that, I would incur extra costs including Collection Agent fees, court fees and any other costs that might be as a result of failure to pay Gmart credit on time.

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